Introducing eRoentgen™


iAtros Software, Inc. is proud to announce eRoentgen™ app for the iPhone. Physicians and other healthcare professionals use eRoentgen™ to choose the most appropriate imaging study for a selected diagnosis or symptom. eRoentgen™ quickly and easily improves patient safety and the quality of the imaging workup.

Why eRoentgen™

eRoentgen Screen

eRoentgen™ (pronounced:ē-Rent´-gen) improves your diagnostic accuracy and reduces unnecessary radiology tests. By recommending appropriate tests for a given symptom or diagnosis, you can optimize patient care and reduce waste. This has the following benefits:

  • Quality. By choosing the best test the first time around, the diagnosis is made quickly and accurately.
  • Safety. Imaging tests are not without risk. Unnecessary exams increase radiation exposure and expose patients to contrast materials without clear benefit.
  • Economy. Diagnostic imaging tests are very expensive. Inappropriate radiology testing represents a significant healthcare cost. Fewer 3rd party payor denials will reduce waste and diminish your administrative headaches.
  • Convenience. Using the elegant and simple iPhone user interface of eRoentgen™, the health care professional can easily and quickly determine the best imaging test while in the exam room.
  • Keeping Current. Radiology is a vast and constantly-changing field. Keeping up with these changes is a daunting task. eRoentgen™ is an up-to-date, invaluable tool.

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